Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Mulch Ready Flower Beds

We worked so hard this past weekend getting the flower beds ready for some new mulch, they have been sadly taken for granted and they were showing it, now they are calling for some fresh mulch. My new mums are so pretty and are full of blooms and G'ma Terri brought a surprise on Sunday for our flower beds, a huge BOOT planter...What every farm family needs in their garden!

Woke up this morning and saw some happiness under our bird feeder, a baby sunflower, I love to look out the kitchen window and see this lil beauty standing tall!

The trumpet vine is crazy this year, we really need to cut it back again before Winter.

Yesterday I ran to Jo-Ann's with my mom and the lil guy while sissy's were in school, I saw some great Fall decorations but some of them after looking at..I think I could make it! i was also looking for the new Gooseberry Patch Fall/Autumn book but they didn't have it, I did pick up a book on "Green" Cleaning...Very interested in this!

Enjoy your Tues.! It's rainy here this morning and I'm enjoying it with my coffee :)
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