Thursday, September 4, 2008

Decorating for Fall, Would Enjoy it More if it Wasn't in the 90's

I've started to Decorate for Fall, I pulled my boxes from the basement and found out that I have a huge lack of decorations unlike some of you!

Here's a question for ya'll, how do you get your house to smell yummy WITHOUT using candles?

HOSS and Pipen waiting for breakfast this morning
My mums that DH surprised me with last night, It has been way to hot to pull weeds but this weekend is chore time!
My Scarecrow that DH came home with, He Welcomes you as you pull into the drive.
Fall wreath at the back door, We use the back door only now.
My bay window, pine cones..dried flowers.. pumpkin..smells good in this corner!

This pic didn't turn out great but I put orange lights on the mantle and little pumpkins on the sides of the Freedom sign.
Added this little Scarecrow Welcome sign to the telephone table.
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