Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Re-Cap

Christmas was a very nice time here at the Graves Household, both G'mas came over along with my sister and even though there were moments of drama mixed in, the kids had a great time. I decided to not film them opening their presents this year like I have done last year because I got some very rude comments about how we had not given the oldest daughter enough presents..I'm not going to even acknowledge them since my oldest daughter is very happy!

We went over to my Step-Sister's and helped her bake/frost cookies and we had a blast!

We ate and ate and today I'm happy that Husband bought me a new bike so we can step up our riding this year! I'm having a great time riding with Husband, great excercise and we get to spend time together outside, something I have missed since moving from the farm.

On Christmas day my Scentsy lightbulb blew out and I bought a Wal-Mart Limited Edition Peppermint candle and we were so disappointed in the scent throw of this candle, even being in the same room with it and we could hardly smell it. What are your fav. store bought candles? I can't always run to BBW for their Slatkin candles or Yankee Candle store.

I leave you with a few pics that I was able to grab with my Iphone as the kids were grabbing seconds of Christmas dinner and one of us at my Step-Sisters frosting cookies.

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