Sunday, November 17, 2013

Weekend Recap

Best deal from Papa Johns Pizza ever! 3 large pizzas plus 16 piece wings for $30.00, 2 large pizzas FREE with coupon codes!!
We ate Dinner on Sat. and then Sunday we had Lunch.

 Friday Richard came home from work with a Cold. We believe he got the cold on the plane while traveling for work. He has alot of traveling coming up for work after Thanksgiving so I'm hoping he remembers to take his vitamins now. Friday night we snuggled in and watched "Turbo", it was a very cute kids movie!

Saturday I took Abigail and Tank to Saddle Club, Crystal stayed home with Richard. She didn't have any Birthday parties to help out with. The 2 youngest are learning so much at Saddle Club! The we ordered Pizza and Abigail spent the night with her friend across the street so while Tank played "Mine Craft", the 3 of us watched "FootLoose" and some other really stupid movie.

Here we are Sunday, We haven't done a thing today other than run out for a paper so I can fill up my Coupon binder. Now it's  night and we are heading to bed early, Crystal is now feeling down and Abby is saying she's cold so I believe we have caught Richard's cold..We shall see what tomorrow brings. 

I'm off to sip some hot tea and relax!
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