Friday, November 1, 2013

I'm Loving COACH!

My old COACH purse
I had the Molly Legacy coach purse for about a year and I really did like it it but after less than a year my purse started to show heavy wear on the bottom corners of the purse, there were no feet on the bottom to give it structure so it slouched. Another problem was the COACH emblem on the front was starting to peel off which I was told was why we don't see this anymore on purses. The handles started to show great signs of wear also. I used the heck out of my purse but even after almost a year it shouldn't have started to show so poorly. I started to save up to replace my purse with another one and knew it would be quite awhile before I could replace with a new one.

Today while walking by the COACH store at The Millenia Mall, simply on a whim Richard and I went inside to see if there was something they could do about my purse, maybe a leather lotion to bring it back to life. Surprise, Surprise..being the semi-hoarder that I am I had my receipt in my purse from about a year ago and because of their policy of Returns within the year of purchase (which I was unaware of) I was able to trade my old purse in and just pay the remaining balance on a new purse. I wanted something with a better structure base and keeping within the Red family inorder to still match my COACH wallet. Here she is, my new Purse!! I LOVE the rose gold accents and so far am Pleased with my Surprise for the day! I did purchase the Leather Lotion to keep this one in better shape.

No, this is not a Sponsored post, I'm just really Happy with their Customer Service tonight!
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