Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Searching for the Right Horse takes Time

We have decided that this year is a good time to add to our Family. We are searching for the perfect horse for us. He/She is out there but we are taking our sweet time about it. 

This past Sunday we looked at my Sister's horse named Farrah. She is a sweet horse. Great height for Crystal and Farrah is at a great age to join our Family.
Crystal and Farrah

Sweet Picture

All 3 kids with Farrah

Here is a short video of Crystal's Trainer riding Farrah

So there are some things that we need to discuss about Farrah, She is a fast horse and getting her to Stop is something that Crystal will need to work on. We are thinking of Leasing Farrah with the option to buy later. We would board her at the the Stables where the kids take riding lessons so every day we would be out there. I love the smell of being in a barn and miss it!

Decisions, Decisions
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