Thursday, October 3, 2013


Wow. So I belong to this Prim group called "Country Pumpkin". Long story short, due to my families health reasons last month I was unable to get to post office to mail out a Swap. I emailed my swap partner to fill her in on our health situation only to get many PMs calling my very Nasty names and threatening to come to my house and take stuff back. I emailed the guy in charge of this Prim group who was no help. Last night I went public with what was going on, I did not name any names as I'm better than that but this morning by Many of the Ladies over there I'm now being called such things as a Drama Queen and Paranoid. I have reported this lady to FB showing all nasty PMs sent to me but Really How am I the bad guy in this????? I Apologized on the FB page that I was in the wrong, in the wrong for not making time to send this box out. No one really knows how mine or anyones life's really run other than what we choose to show on FB or our Blogs. There are days I show our Good moments and there are days I choose not to share.  This morning my Blog was used against me because I chose to share only the good moments here and not the bad. I could go on and on about what happened but I choose not too.

I have sent back the Lady's Swap Box, here is a picture of the box and a picture of the receipt/tracking number. 
I have learned alot this Morning..The only thing I'm Sorry for here this morning is my poor time management skills.
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