Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Daydreams 2

Today finds us just laying around the house, Richard is sick and I'm coming down with it..fever,chills,cough and a sore throat, so far I just have a sore throat. While he takes a nap I'm folding laundry and sitting here watching Youtube while Crystal is off at the Stables helping with a big Birthday Party and the other 2 are playing games on their computer and watching silly shows on Disney. 

I'm going to try to join in on the Youtube "Vlogtober" where we film some sort of video every day in the month of October. Today is my 2nd day of filming and the vlog will be up later this evening. Here is our first one
You might need to go to my channel to view it, link is top right.

Today I'm Daydreaming about re-decorating our whole house. I'm just not getting very excited when I see pics of Country/Prim anymore. I find my eye really lights up when I see Cottage pics. I don't want a whole house full of Pottery Barn but this quilt is a Dream..
I just love this and it's top of my list and just keeps on growing! 

Do you have anything on your lists that your saving for? 

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