Friday, September 6, 2013

Month in Review

I am going to start a new end of the Month review here, I will share with you how our Month was, Good or Bad.

The month of August was a tough one for us health wise here, Crystal broke her Collarbone in 2 places and in a sling for weeks. It was very hard for her and we fought all the time about her wearing her sling. It was for her benefit of course but she only saw it as an embarressment . She has been unable to ride and we had to put off finding that perfect horse for her. We do want to get another horse, part of me doesn't want to as I think that chapter in our lives is closed but part of me is excited. So we took Crystal to the Orthopedic Dr. and the X-rays show that her Collarbone has healed and she gets to get back into the saddle in about 2 more weeks! Here is a snippet of her Facebook post to her friends~Well, god has truly blessed me today:) the doctors said I don't need the surgery and I can ride within a one to two week timeframe! Yay !  but, I will have to do pt to regain the strength necessary to ride back within my shoulder and arm and to regain some lost mussel and to get my joint fluidly moving again. But other than that it's much better than what could have been!  very happy~

Abigail and Tank are enjoying the first couple weeks of School...Time will tell on how this year will go for the both of them.

I have gone to part time work at the Hospital, only working on Sat. now. It's easier with the kids and less stress on Richard. Last year it was hard because I had to be at work at 6 am so he would have to get all 3 kids up and fix them a lunch/breakfast and make sure they weren't late for the bus which often times would then make him late for work. Now I can do all of this again and he can help out when need be but still get to work on time.

Our 2 dogs and cat are suffering from flea's so bad and have hot spots on their backs, I'm looking for some sort of over the counter treatment for them. We hate to see this, It's been a hot humid Summer and Fleas are bad.

My daughter and I are hooked on Downton Abby and I've gotten caught up on Season 1 and 2 and waiting for Season 3 from the Library. It's real nice having something to enjoy with Crystal. I can't get into her music...oh boy the music she listens too..and it's not foul but new age Country..I miss the good ole boys in my day singing..Garth Brooks where are you??

Richard is really stressed right now at work, I won't say to much here but maybe there will be some huge changes coming for us in the future. Some that we will welcome as we are not extremely happy at the moment.

There is my new Month in Review for August. Not very exciting, very stressful with Health and starting School. We hope September is nicer to us!
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