Friday, October 25, 2013

Lake Lizzie Nature Preserve Date

Today Richard had the day off from work and we took this time to go for a Date Hike...all 3 kids were in school. We did take his Ham radio with the plan to hook it up and see who was able to chat.

Many, Many moths ago I was given a new camera, the Canon EOS Rebel XS. It did not come with the instructions so to be honest, it scares me..I know next to nothing about this camera but today I took it out of it's bag and with a full battery, took it on the hike with us. I'll learn as I go and play around with the features but I WILL learn how to use this camera!! 
You may click on the pic. to enlarge them for detail viewing
Tiny Woodpecker of some sort

Shrub/marsh looking out to Lake

Random Wildflowers swaying in breeze

Loved this Path, this pic doesn't do it Justice

Huge Banana Spider between 2 trees

Just a fun shot

Huge drainage pipe as we were exiting Lake Lizzie

After hiking around Lake Lizzie only to find out there are no tables to set up Richard's Ham radio, We drove over to another park that we have been to before and set up his radio there. We didn't get to actually talk to anyone this trip due to a silly little Sun Flare and an annoying call from the Elementary School. 
That was our Friday Date and we are ending it with Cookies and Milk.
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