Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fall Fun Days

Today at the stables was FALL FUN DAYS were there were hayrides, pony rides, pumpkin patch and yummy treats. Crystal was asked to help out all day with the Pony rides which she loves doing and has fun doing it! Abigail and Tank had Saddle Club for about an hour and are going to be able to earn badges after they pass tests and follow thru on activities. They both are learning alot about the different body parts of the Horse and how to act around Horses, ect. 6 weeks of learning the basics and then they will move on to Riding. Here are some pics of our long, fun filled day..I'm still learning my camera and enjoying it!

So many Stalls to be filled

Crystal waiting for another little rider

Fun water game

Learning at Saddle Club

FL Grass Maze

Ribbons earned and a Lunch break

Here is a video of our day if you would like to see more of the Horses.

I Hope your Saturday was just as Much Fun as Ours!!

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