Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Watcha Working on Wednesday

I have been putting away my Spring decorations and putting out my Summer decorations, this is my buffet. I read on someone's blog (Sorry, I don't remember who's this morning) that Jo-Anns had some real life looking red flowers so I ran over to pick some out and my mom helped, Thanks Mom! I love how the lamp looks in the basket with the flowers, it gives off a soft glow at night.

On Sunday my DH built this Herb Planter for my bay window, I have basil and some others in there. This was Richards first project and I adore how it turned out and looks so lovely in my window, Thanks Richard!!

No updates on the new job search, We really thought we'd have an idea of our future but so far everything is still up in the air. It's on the back of our minds but we are not dwelling on it, still putting one foot infront of the other and I'm enjoying watching my flowers bloom!
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