Wednesday, May 26, 2010

~Coming Soon: A CSN Store Review!~

I was recently contacted to supply a give-away or a review for CSN Stores. I was so surprised to be included in this, I've seen many a blogger have fun and try out new items while doing this and I was full of Blogger envy..Come on admit it..You have blogger envy sometimes too right?!

So after spending half a day browsing the stores and really drooling over lots of items, I have narrowed it down to some much needed pots-and-pans..
I 'm in love with these blue handled ones, afterall I have a blue

Then with some more browsing I saw these and my heart stopped, I love Paula Deen!!!

Oh the choices, which one would you pick if you could pick?

Come back for my review soon Ladies and maybe I'll cook something up!
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