Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hoss's New Saddle~Couldn't Wait!

Here is Crystal trying her new saddle, She was so excited after cleaning it that she ran down with Daddy to the pasture and tried it on Hoss, We are looking for a girth and some riding lessons, I called one place here in town and they wanted $200.00 for a month, 1 week lessons...very steep for us right now! I hope to find someplace cheaper, even if we have to drive out of town.

Easy Sat. here today, DH went to go help a Co-Worker move and will be gone all day, the kids and I are playing with squirt guns and G'ma and my Sis might stop buy today...They have presents for my B-Day...On the 25th I was 30!! It was a nice day, we went out to a Steakhouse and then grabbed doughnuts with the kids...they thought it was so fun eating doughnuts for dessert on Mommy's B-Day..LOL
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