Monday, June 9, 2008

Update on Kids Rooms

Here is the start to Richard's John Deere room, he is 3 and loves his tractors. We are thinking about paint colors now. His room has this built in bookcase which we use to hold some of his toys and what-not...of course when I ran in to take the pic the kids had been playing in there..LOL... My Great Aunt Hazel also painted the pic many years ago.
We finished up this wall last night, I had the sign made special with his name for his Birthday and found the pics at TS and the shelf came from a local craft mall. The shelf looks a little high in this pic..MMM... On the top of his shelf is a toy tank that he got the day he came home, His nickname is Tankers!
My mom made his pillowcase, I'm not happy about these lights and I hope to change them out one day.
I adore these Deer pics, My Great Aunt Hazel painted them many years ago. I'm on the lookout for some better curtains.
Crystal's room is all painted, here is her comforter which matches the walls, Palmino? Ponies! I also need to find some curtains, Her blinds are not very pretty...LOL
It's a fairly small room, still have to finish the floor when DH feels better.
We still need to hang her Horse posters and finish her dresser but she is happy to not be sharing a room with her younger sis.

We are still working on Abigail's room...We do a little every weekend. I'll take pics of her room as soon as we get her's painted, we told her it will be done in time for her to start Kindergarten.

Have any decorating ideas.... Please share!!
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