Friday, June 13, 2008

HOSS and his Eye

Hoss in his Pasture yesterday morning, I went down to feed him and he was standing in his shelter waiting for was a hot one and he was slurping water and staying in the shade all day. Can you see his head peeking out?

Because of gas prices we can no longer mow down here, looks like a rolling sea.
Sucking up the breeze and shade!
Ready for his breakfast.
OOPPSS...What's this? He scraped his eye somehow, we called the vet and she came right out to look at it, We now have to put some gooy drops in his eye 2 times a day, Hoss loves us but there's only so much a horse will take! He dislikes his eyes being messed with so much, We have to talk him thru this.
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