Monday, June 30, 2008

Birthday Cake and a Surprise!

SO my Birthday was on the 25th but We ate the Cake on the 29th...I'm now 30th...and with that comes the knowledge that I need to start taking better care of myself..I have to watch what I eat! I'm going to TRY to start...Drinking more water and watching the sugar, which is a hard one for me because after putting the kids to bed and feeding HOSS we like to have a dessert and watch a show or's just become second nature to us and after seeing myself in pics..My desserts are showing! Have any ideas on how to start to ween myself from this nightly ritual?

My Chocolate Cake and Presents! I received a nice Daimond bracelet, some necklaces/bracelet sets and a small jewelry box and the best one was a cup and saucer set from England the I want to display in my room. I was supposed to be born in England but was born in California instead so I really want to visit England one day and I collect everything I can!
This is Crystal's new Hand-made Saddle rack, made with left over wood from the girls bunk-bed.
DH made this yesterday in about 2 hours...I'm so proud of him! It's very sturdy...We have it sitting in Crystal's room right now.
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