Saturday, June 7, 2008

~I'm Back!!~

WOW, It seems like forever since I've been able to use the computer!

We had a Horrible thunderstorm here the other night with a lightning bolt frying our modem, DH was able to fix it with his super techy powers, I'm so glad to be back...LOL

Meanwhile the kids are now out for the Summer, Crystal passed and is now going to be in 3rd grade!! We are so proud of her, she has really worked hard on her Math this year. A 3rd grader and now a Kindergartner, I will have only 1 home with me some days now! Might be able to get lots more done since he still takes a nap!

The Apples and the Cherries are getting bigger and Asperagus is growing out of my ears here..LOL

I'm off to get caught up on all of my Blogger friends!
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