Saturday, May 31, 2008

Memorial Day and Surgery

We were busy Memorial Day Weekend..Crystal picked out the colors of her room, Wal-Mart's Fluffy Pink! We are "Horseying" this up with as much as we can. It's a small room because this house has 3 bedrooms so DH built Crystal's room out of our strange dining room/living room...It was wasted space that is now put to good use! I will post finished pics as we work on her room.

DH cam thru his Gallbladder Surgery with no complications, He came home and is eating and walking around the house with little pain, Today he is alittle more sore than he was last night so we hope tomorrow will be better. G'ma came to help with the kids and slept over, this morning I cooked pancakes and we lounged around in our PJ's till 3 pm!! Very unusual for all of us to do this.

I am looking forward to summer, We are planning a few Lake Days and lots of Library visits. I'm trying to think of activities that we can do here at home.

Please share your ideas with me, What do you plan on doing with your kids this summer and save gas at the same time?
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