Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Stash Bags

My new Stash bag, it has a loop tie for tieing the top. This was so fun to stitch up!
The back of both of them, simple tea stain.

Another fun stitch up, Holds alot! Both are available on my Etsy shop.

My Mother's day was so nice, DH cooked breakfast and I got to watch a great movie with the kids and then go back to bed to read for half the day!

Today Abigail got her Kindergarten shots, 4 of them, came home and she was sick for the rest of the day, couldn't hold anything down, I'm wondering if it's the shots or something other.
DH was in the ER and is now home sleeping, He has severe IBS and his gallbladder was acting up, poor guy is on so many meds now and has to see a specialist on Fri. and get an Hydascan.

I'm ready for the night to be over, after feeding HOSS I'm going to read and drink a nice cup of
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