Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Whatcha Working on Wednesday

This morning I'm dreaming about Spring and Flowers, I'm thinking of the changes I wish to make to the front of our house, nothing major, just the addition of flower pots and such. I'm so ready for Spring that I can taste

This is the front of our house after we pulled up all these overgrown bee infested bushes last year, I'm planning on adding another humming bird feeder next to the bay window and lot more flowers, I want red geraniums all over! I also want some more seating for our porch.

I'm planning on adding some red flowers to this mix this year and making sure that I make time to weed better than I did last year. I love how this looks out my bay window!

It's already been a busy morning, lil Abby missed the bus so I had to drive her and since it's supposed to be so nice today I let HOSS out and play in the pasture. Now lil guy and I are out to take movies back to Blockbuster.

Have a Great Wed.
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