Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Whatcha Working on Wed.

Today while sweeping I got a wild hair..I moved the buffet over to the middle of the wall and added my Blue Sunflower vase, which looks so nice next to my wallhanging. Then I added the plate hanger...I had it hanging in our old house and loved the look so after 2 years it's back up! I carefully placed my DH's G'ma's Rooster plates on there, DH used to eat breakfast on these while growing up with G'ma Graves. I wonder how much trouble I'll be in when he gets home..but they are too cute to store away!! They have no markings on the back, could they be hand painted?

Here is a close up of G'ma Graves painted Rooster plates...If these fall send in help cuse I'll be missing FOREVER...LOL..Later this summer I hope to find some Blue dessert plates to replace these and I think I'll paint the plate holder black.

I'm standing on my step up Kitchen now, I like the view from up here..Maybe find something to add height to the flower vase.

I'm debating on adding the long curtains to this window, I have the matching panels but not sure how it would look in the kitchen...Suggestions?

That's all that I was abl to do between folding more laundry and taking care of Lil A that is running a slight fever, it's got to be the strange weather we are having, last Sat. was so nice we let them run outside and play then today we are supposed to have Thunderstorms..UGGHH..

Enjoy your Wed. and check out more decorating ideas over at Leslie's blog
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