Friday, February 27, 2009

Book Worm Friday

In this sequel to A Time To Dance, high school football coach John Reynolds and his wife, Abby, are behaving like newlyweds after their reconciliation following a near-divorce. Their happiness is tempered, however, by John's problems at work. In particular, three boys trouble John--Nathan Pike (the "Goth"), who scribbles "death to jocks" in his notebook, and Jake Daniels and Casey Parker, the two football players who make Nathan's life miserable. When Jake and Casey challenge each other to a drag race, they cause an accident in which John is paralyzed from the waist down. As they try to come to terms with this tragedy, the struggles of each character, especially those of John's daughter, who previously held an unshakeable belief in God, are depicted in a believable and sympathetic manner. High school life and the real-world problems faced by the students, such as a brush with cyberporn, are also realistically rendered.

I'm almost done with this book, have at least 100 more pages to go. This story line is heartbreaking, In the end you will believe that with Faith God will get you thru the hard times.

A Time to Dance was a great read and I really loved the ending, if you haven't read these 2 books than I do recommend them to you.
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