Saturday, July 12, 2014

Ponce Deleon Lighthouse

We took the day to go fill out Volunteer paperwork at the New Smyrna Beach Ponce Deleon Lighthouse and visit the Beach.

We had a great day and as I write this we are sitting on the couch relaxing since we got too much Sun!

We all made it to the top...all 203 steps going up, even Daddy!

We walked around the top twice 

A rather shaky look as we all make our way down

This is the very first lens that was used in the Lighthouse, it was so interesting to see the wick and how much Kerosene it took to keep it lite.

After the Lighthouse we visited New Smyrna Beach for about an hour, We saw a few jellyfish and caught

We will be visiting the Lighthouse again August 16-17 for International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend..We are setting up a few Ham Radios and will see how many different Lighthouses we can reach in 2 days!

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