Tuesday, January 15, 2008

2 New Crafts and Some Movies to stay Warm by the Fire With

I have finished the Valentine Pillow and have posted it in my PictureTrail shop..It's such a cute little pillow and has endless display options..I can see it on a cute shelf or used as a bowl filler. I'm also in love with how my 4th of July towel turned out. I'm having so much fun stitching and dreaming of these little handids finding a great home but I'm also having fun trying to take the pics too, so much fun thinking of how to display the craft in a cute way!
I've been busy Stitching and reading, We also splurged and got 2 movies to watch the other night, "1408" was a scary but strange Stephen King flick, it didn't scare me as much as I heard it would. "28 Weeks Later" DH loves these kind of movies, it was a gore fest just for the gore, not much of a point and I found myself daydreaming thru this!
it's nasty cold here, snowy with a massive chill factor, I was able to go to the barn and feed HOSS but that was all I could do. I'm dreaming of Spring and sunshine!
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