Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Meet HOSS, Our 18 Yr Old QH

This is Hoss running to the back of his pasture to say HI
This is standing at the top of our hill in the back, looking down..You can barely make out Hoss and see our sledding hill!
This is standing on our sledding hill looking down into our backyard, you cna barely make out Cocoa and the kids running. I should have used the zoom lens for this.
This is Hoss in the morning, A big running beast enjoying the sun!

Yesterday was a Fab. day, the sun was out in force with heavy wind but the sun WAS out! We let Hoss out for the day, it was muddy but we took advantage of the weather. The kids and I played outside for most of the day, I even drove around with the window halfway down in the truck, and I opened the windows in the house to get the germies ( is that a word?) out. I'm having fun learning about my digital camera and snapped lottsa pics yesterday.

I'm having to play catch-up with the laundry today but it's a nice day today again so we will see how much gets done in the house, ever have days like that?
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