Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Style Taste- Quiz

Mountain Lodge Style

You love nature! And really, how could you not? The more exposed wood (be it in log form or paneling) the better. And having natural stone in your home is a must! Especially at the fireplace, but stone top tables work too. If you could clad all the furniture in wood and stone you would, but splinters aren't fun and stone is cold! So when you need a place to sit (or recline in!), it should be comfortable and warm. Bigger is better when it comes to your favorite chair for watching TV or reading the newspaper. Leather is great (go natural!), but soft fabrics in warm tones also suit you well.

I just took a Style Quiz on, I saw another Blogger take the quiz today too. MMMM....I do like this style but not sure if it's 100% me.

Now YOU try it!

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