Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Health Issues and Depressed Ramblings of my Tuesday

Well today was a very good day, I posted my 3 years of Country Samplers on my local CraigsList for $20.00 and a local lady came today and got them and she wanted to take my 2009 MaryJanes Farmgirl magazines off my hands too for 10.00 so today I made $30.00. Think I'll do this every year.

Richard is very sick again, not sure if I've told any of you but he has severe IBS and it's getting worse over the years, he came home yesterday around 2 and stayed in bed all afternoon/night. It's like he is disabled it's getting so bad, when it hits real bad he gets dehaydrated and has to go to the ER for fluid. We are hoping he can keep this job but with the 2 hour drive to work and home sometimes he has to stop and find a bathroom just to make it the rest of the way. I've told him to look into getting disability but it takes so long to even try to get approved and boy you have to jump thru hoops to get approved. I'm worried about paying the bills and keeping the house and he is getting very depressed. Wow, sorry but I had to get that off my chest, we try to talk to family about his health problems but they have heard it all so much that we think they are thinking that we are making it all up or sound more than what it is but I tell ya...It's hard to see your loved one not be able to do a thing for fear of not finding a bathroom in time or have stomaches all day long....

so yeah I got excited over an extra $30.00 today, I'm gonna run to Aldi and buy meat to put in the freezer...guess I worry to much right now!

It's freezing and snowing again. There was no school today but I'm not sure why, the kids certainly have gone to school in this weather before. I've done 3 loads of laundry and loaded the dishwasher and clipped coupons from a couple of magazines before passing them on to my mom that takes them to her Church.

For dinner tonight I made Green Beans/Ham soup and I threw in some chopped potatoes. Richard and I like it but the kids fight me on eating it...have to fix Richard a seperate dinner tonight of fish and rice..bland diet so his  stomach will settle.

I'm just being painfully truthful right now, I try to stay positive but this week as been very trying and we are all getting rather depressed.

To make some extra money and declutter I'm slowly going thru our extras around here and posting what I can on CrasigsList, already have an e-mail about a lawn mower I posted 3 hours ago. That is a good thing!

I'm off to relax and read some of the new Amish book I need to review. What do you do to Relax in times of great stress and worry?
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