Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Bedroom Make-Over Pics and a Coupon Keeper ?

I'm slowly moving items around our bedroom and taking my time finding the perfect piece for my English Country theme. I rarely post pics of our bathroom/bedroom but I'm so excited to share what I've been up to. It's an on-going process, still need to find side table lamps and now something to go over the bed
since I moved 2 of the pics that were there.

My MIL framed this saying for us about raising kids, it's so nice, hope you can read it. I received the "Be Kind" sign form The Carter Clan blog when she was selling them some time ago.
My mom gave me these baskets which fits into these cubby holes perfectly, for about 2 years these cubby holes were just sitting empty.
These 2 hunt scene pics were over our bed for 2 years but I've moved them here by our closet door, I've added the antique side table my Great Aunt Hazel gave me many years ago and some dried flowers.

My mom gave us this fireplace when she moved into her condo, I'm trying to find the perfect decorations for the top. I love the horse which my MIL gave us one Christmas.
Now here is a question for you Ladies, my coupon binder is falling apart, my mom gave it to me after she bought a new one many many years ago. Please tell me how you keep your coupons tidy!


Enjoy Your Wednesday!!
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