Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Movies and Tooth Pain from Hell

So today while Hubby was in Toothpain Hell we snuggled on the couch and caught up with some Netflicks..our first choice to watch while all 3 kids were in School was the movie "Shutter Island"....Have you seen this movie? It left me gasping for air and a headache as I couldn't get the ending straight in my head....Great movie that left both of us guessing till the end!

Tomorrow Hubby goes in for a Root Canal so please send Prayers that all goes smoothly, he is in quit a bit of pain.

I have lost my decorating mojo since Christmas and I'd love to pick up my Stitching again soon but something here always happens when the idea pops in my head...Hopefully next month will be calmer.

I'm looking for some more good movies to add to our Netflicks list, Have any to share?
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