Monday, January 31, 2011

Country Mouse and City Mouse~ Moving Announcement

That's how we feel right now, I waited till we were truly positive that this was going to happen and it Really is!!

We are moving to the Washington D.C. area!!!

Richard has received an offer for a big company that we simply can not pass up due to the Awesome Health Insurance, Full time work NOT contract and relocation package, pay aint to shabby either!

We have lived here on our almost 6 acres for about 4 years and even though I do love it, Richards health is not what it used to be and its alot of mowing and fence upkeep and the Winters are so hard.

We have found a great rescue for Hoss and he will be leaving within the next couple of weeks, We hope to find a rental that will allow the 2 dogs, even if we have to pay extra. My Mom wants to move along with us, She really hasn't been doing well either Health wise since my Dad passed away. She will follow about 2 months after we get settled. The kids are getting excited but sad to leave friends and school. The slow going friendly country is all they've known.

We are in for some huge changes and hopefully we will adjust to City living in time...I'm not used to close neighbors but it will be so nice to be close to the grocery store. We will be working with the Realtor to find a nice house around Washington DC and not in the busy part, Richard can ride the metro into work!

I am excited to decorate a new house again and might mix things up in the new house...I've been looking thru tons of magazines for ideas....What kind of decorating do they do up that way? I'm just a bundle of nerves....

Richard will be leaving first and then we will follow in about a month.

Wanna see pics of me packing?  lol 
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