Monday, February 20, 2012

Horrible End to the Weekend...

It was a 3 day weekend here for us as the kids had today off so yesterday we went to my Sister's Birthday party for her little kids, which was a great get together and so fun UNTIL... We pulled up to our subdivision filled with cops, swat teams and a hovering helicopter shining it's spotlight on our house and all over the sidewalks/backyards...It was about the time we heard gunshots that we all ran upstairs to hide in our bedrooms....Finally about 1 am we heard on T.V. that the man that lives down a couple of houses from us shot his family members, Thank God his 2 son's ran out of the house and are fine. Crystal rides the bus with the 2 boys and is very shaken still...I hope that the school has councelors available for these kids, this neighborhood is so close with each other. Today many of us Moms were standing in the small park crying on each other's shoulders..

You never know what is really happening behind other's doors...

Hug your family tighter tonight!

Please pray for these 2 young boys that now have no Mother or Grandparents, Father is in Hospital and then on his way to jail.

I usually do not post such depressing posts but this one hit so close to home and upset us greatly so please excuse me.

Hug your family tighter tonight!
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