Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Journey to Paraben Free: Hair Care

So Sorry to be away for the last couple of days even though I'm so excited about this new lil series of mine but I caught this nasty cold from my, headache, chills...uughgh

So anyways..for the New Year I am slowly going to be trying new to me products that are Paraben free and or Natural/Organic. Now I can not afford to run out and buy everything at once and as you all know I shop with coupons most of the time so hopefully I can find most items at my local drugstore fairly cheaply

First one this month is my Shampoo/Conditioner. I was using this
I like how it made my hair shine and I liked the smell so really if it was Paraben Free I would still use it.

I have switched to this
I am in LOVE with how this shampoo makes my hair soft, frizz free and it smells Devine! I'm hoping that my hair doesn't up and decide that it hates this shampoo and I will post an update in about a month.

What Shampoo/Cond. do you use and do you worry about Paraben's? 

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