Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Daddies and Legos

While we are soaking up the last 2 weeks of Summer we are staying up late playing and watching movies. Crystal is on the mend slowly and sleeping very late into the morning. ALL of this will of course change in 1 week, I will make everyone start going to bed on a set schedule and then I will be an Evil Mommy

Tonight we watched an Atlas Rocket launch, It was so neat to watch and the kids were so full of questions for Daddy to answer. I miss the Shuttles, we used to watch them in school on the TV and step outside to watch it enter the atmosphere, Richard and I were just saying how we miss the huge "KABOOMS" twice and it entered/exited our atmosphere.

The night ended with Richard playing LEGOS with lil Richard. They came out of the bedroom and showed me the case for his little FM radio kit that they had put together. 
See the little guy on top holding the antenna..That's so cool!

Today I won a $25.00 gift card to a great lil boutique store here in town and I'll post pics of what Crystal and I picked out tomorrow. It was a fun Mom/Daughter outing!

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