Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Summers and Broken Bones

So we went to Delaware on a working vacation with Richard for a week. It was so nice and we got to swim every day in the Hotel pool and walk on the Trails since the Hotel butts right up against a national forest. I took many pics and posted them on my facebook. After Richard was done and we had extra time we drove back to Lancaster OH to see friends and family, We even stopped by our old house which is still up for sale..so sad. I can't even begin to tell ya'll our emotions and thoughts on this situation, It's just an never-ending chapter in our lives, We may never be done with it.

So every Summer since moving we have been able to get Crystal to her BFs in OH. Since we were there we dropped her off and got her a plane ticket to fly back home in 2 weeks, she is 14 now and it's a straight flight, no stops..We've been thru this before with no complications. Only this Summer both girls are older and "feeling their oates" as my Grandma would say...

One week Crystal's BF broke her finger while riding her horse, trip to ER and then an Orthopedic DR..She will be fine, finger will "set" and then a few days go by...

Last week there with them (last week) Crystal falls off horse and breaks her collarbone in 2 places, trip to ER with many phone calls home asking if Hospital has permission to treat ect., sling for 6 weeks and no Horseback riding for 3 months. A visit to the Orthopedic DR while in OH to get letter stating that she is fine to fly home..Maybe PT in her future but that depends on how well her 2 fractures heal and knit back together.

This is our first broken Anything in the family and I'm hoping the last for many months, but with Lil Richard climbing trees, who's to say...

We have 2 more weeks till school starts, this is the most craziest Summer we've ever had! I'm not sure how Crystal is going to do the first couple of weeks in School, this is her writing hand in the sling, Good luck there girl!

This Mom needs a glass of Wine!

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