Saturday, June 14, 2014

She's Arrived

Just look at her!! 

I was able to buy her for a steal and she was delivered tonight! She is a 1960-1962 Cochrane Co made out of North Carolina. Really for her age She looks nice! I wish it matched my table a tad bit more but for now I'll leave the table and hutch alone, paint scares me.

I have always wanted one but they always seem to be out of our price range and since we no longer own a truck at the moment it was hard to get someone to deliver.

This spot is perfect for her right now. I need to buy Liquid Gold to clean her up, someone smeared something sticky on her, they had kids so maybe jelly?

What would you use to make her shine?

Now I'm off to Pinterest to see how many of you have decorated your hutches.

Joining along with these other ladies:

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