Monday, May 4, 2015

Kitchen Vignette With Stitches

I wanted to spruce up this half wall in our Kitchen for some time now. The ledge is giving me trouble, I'm not happy with anything I've set on it so far. 

While drinking my cup of coffee this morning I was staring at it and an idea was formed. I love my Coffee!!

The candle sticks were purchased at a garage sale, vanilla scented votives are from Wal-Mart. The wall hanging was stitched by my Mother about 7 years ago. 

The plant stand was mailed to me in exchange for a review about 8 years ago and has held up well over time. The plant is a ponytail palm we bought from Wal-Mart 4 years ago. I've kept it alive so far! 

Close up of the saying that is stitched on the wall hanging. 

I declare this corner done...For now!

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