Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Are We Home or Just Visiting? House Pics Included in Your Stay!

Don't they look so Excited! This was after a full day of driving that took 2 days to get to FL.

This is our 2 story 5 bedroom new rental, I did manage to find the time to hang my Americana wreath on the front door.

This is our front formal living room..

Very huge kitchen...My Roosters have got to somehow get to the top of the cabinets...lol...

Our eating area....not much of a backyard compared to our almost 6 back in OH.

This would be the family room but it will be part sewing room for my Mom and office space for my Husband...A room with many hats!

I know it's not very pretty right now and really boring. It took me 4 years to make my Farm house comfy cozy and now we move to FL...

Any and All decorating ideas for these HUGE walls Please??!!

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