Sunday, March 6, 2011

Country Mouse and City Mouse~ Part 2

Hello!! It feels like a lifetime ago since I sat down to post. How is everyone doing? We are finally settling in here. 

After thinking we were going to move to Washington D.C. for a new job Richard received a call from Nemours Children's Hospital here in Orlando FL. They are opening up a brand new Hospital and saw Richards resume online and called him to come for an interview, he informed them that he had already accepted a position but was open for talking so he went and was hired within the week.

So we had to find a house in Orlando and move with less than 2 weeks...We did it!! We still need to go back and clean up our farmhouse and rent a U-Haul for some leftovers in about 2 months. My Mom has moved in with us and she still has to finish moving too but really we are having fun setting up house.

This is NOT our house but very close to it, I'm charging my camera now for pics later. It's in a lovely gated community with private boat dock and a Elementary School within walking distance. There are so many kids playing outside in the evening and my kiddos love it. It's a huge change from our 6 acres and no noise but we hope that this will start to feel like home very soon.

Before we left OH we donated HOSS our Horse to a rescue that gives the horses a Forever home. We brought our dogs Coffee and Sniffer and they traveled pretty well in the car and slept in the hotel okay, we could tell Sniffer was very scared but Coffee went along and after getting comfy, she snored!

Richard starts his job tomorrow and we are wishing him the very best and I'm hoping to have most of the house unpacked and done when he gets home. I hate the feeling of not being able to find my stuff around me...hahah..Later this week I need to get all 3 enrolled into the school here.

I do need to revamp my decorations as all of my farmhouse decorations simply looks odd in this FL style house. If you have any ideas Please share!!
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