Friday, September 30, 2011

Dina's Party on HGTV

Dina brings her lavish events to HGTV in a new weekly party-planning series. During each episode, Dina and the Designer Affair staff create magnificent events in their clients’ homes. From a posh baby shower, to an over-the-top fantasy wedding or a grand graduation party, Dina will transform any space into something breathtakingly beautiful and unique. With her extraordinary talents, Dina makes every occasion a perfect celebration for the important moments in a family’s life.  Tune in to  Dina’s Party on HGTV this fall season 2011. You’ll learn a little, you’ll laugh a little and surely be wowed by what you see!

Dina was on the first season of "Real Housewives of New Jersey", which I admit I LOVE to watch these shows on Bravo..Don't Judge Loved her style on the show and now we can watch her Glam up some Parties on Sat. nights on HGTV!

Really I'm not an HGTV spokesperson, just excited to see some new to me...Have any of you watched this yet?

Here is a link where you can watch an episode  DINA'S PARTY

In other news here at the Graves Household...Crystal had a cold which made her nose so sensitive she kept getting bloody noses and a few trips to the urgent care. She is doing better now. Abigail went to her first Birthday party since being here and it was so Fun! Richard aka Tank is making friends easier than last year which makes us happy! I'm looking for a job!! YUP any Job to bring home some money to help Husband out. I'm still clipping coupons but here in No Double Coupon Land we are just not seeing much savings and the kids want to do clubs ect. Any ideas until I get a job on saving money? I feel like I'm just starting out trying to save money in sad to go from Double Coupons at Krogers to NOT AT ALL!!

How is the new Blog Layout? Is it easy to Read? Please Please let me know!!

Enjoy your Weekend!
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