Tuesday, January 14, 2014

No Buy January

So for the New Year I wanted to buy a few new items for the House but with the purchase of a horse comes extra expenses. I was up last night while not being able to sleep and thinking....

Today while it rains outside I'm walking around and trying to decorate with some of my forgotten items that I've had in my closet just sitting on the shelf. 

Good-Bye Santa, It was a great Christmas!

Hello forgotten Americana Star

This is missing something....I Love candles but they can get pricey

I found a small black wrought iron candle holder and adding a Vanilla candle...Much better

This blank wall now has this wall-hanging that my Mom stitched for me one year, Thanks Mom!

This wall is a hot mess, I'm spending the day working on this

So nothing spent out of pocket and I'm starting to feel better already with just some easy changes.

Boy, I have my work cut out for me with these darn bookshelves.

Any ideas??

Joining in on these Parties~~

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