Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Budweiser Clydesdales

The barn that we ride at here in FL had a couple of visitors this past week.
These Clydesdales are so majestic!

Here is a video if you have time to watch it, We got our pictures with the horses at the end.

Our 2 girls are taking lessons as you know, Son hasn't gotten bit by the horse bug yet, his thing is Lego's right now and recently MineCraft.
Abigail's lesson

Abigail's new purple helmet was delivered yesterday so next Sat. she gets to wear it to her lesson, She looks very nice in purple and we will def. be able to spot her in a crowd.

Crystal's jumping lesson

Crystal is jumping higher and higher with each lesson, just watching her makes me a nervous ninny. I'm a Worry-wort when it comes to our kids.

So that is where we are at every Sat. and we love being there, we have made some wonderful friends and the kids are learning new things that they will remember forever!

Christmas vacation is over and everyone is back to school/work. I'm trying to stay busy and deep clean since we were lazy for over 2 weeks. 

When do you start your De-cluttering/Spring cleaning? I'm wondering how others start this process or do you just keep at it all year long?

I'm joining in on these Parties~
No Minimalist Here

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