Friday, July 31, 2015

Kayaking at Shingle Creek and Caught the Bug...

We are having so much fun with our new hobby...Kayaking! 

So much so that we went and purchased 2 new to us Kayaks off of Craigslist. We caught the Kayaking bug after Kayaking at Shingle Creek with the kids last month,  We enjoyed it so much!

We then took them out for the first time across the lake that we live by , no kids and not 1 alligator was seen! It was a great time spent with my Hubby but I did learn that I need to take some time and study all of the different paddle strokes and which ones work best in choppy waters. 

Next we need to purchase an actual kit for loading the kayaks on top of the car , right now we are using pool noodles but hey it works! 

Enjoying every moment outside but can't wait for cooler temps! 

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