Friday, June 12, 2009

AltarCall Telecom Ministries~Please Spread the Word

My DH has been working so hard to spread the Word! He is now offering his services to Churches. If you know of a Church that might be interested please have them contact Richard at the below address and show them the Website. We have already set this up in our Church and it's great for those Wednesday night services when I'm home with the kids and can't make it in..We listen LIVE over the Phone!

Due to the amazing feedback that I've gotten, after MUCH prayer, and with the Lord's help, AltarCall is now available! You can now listen to LIVE services from YOUR church via a regular telephone!

We can also get your services LIVE on the internet from our website, our YOURS! We can even host your recorded services, too!

All that is required is:

1) A broadband internet connection (and in extreme cases where broadband isn't available, only a single regular phone line).

2) Some type of audio source (usually this comes from an existing sound board, although we can work around it if you don't have one).

3) The belief that Jesus Christ is the son of God, that he died for our sins, and that he rose again (more details on our statement of faith are available on our website).

Other than that, we handle all of the technical aspects of getting your services - both live and recorded if you so choose - available via telephone. We will work with your audio staff (or anyone from your church) to get everything setup with a minimum of difficulty.

We've decided to offer this service on a donation basis so that all churches can benefit from it. It does cost a bit to keep running, so some donation would be nice, but even if you can't afford to donate anything, we'll still make the service available to you. All that we ask are for your prayers for our continued success in being able to help spread the Word of God!!

Please visit our website for more information, and if you would like a demonstration, please call or email me. Contact information is available on our site!

Check out for more information.
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