Sunday, July 11, 2010

Some Summertime Catch-up and Blog Renewal...

Summer time is all about family trips!! We drove to G'mas house in Huntsville Alabama to see family and watch fireworks.

We stopped at the L&N Train Depot and took the tour of the old cars and listened to videos. Lil guy loved this and was so excited.

We stopped at The Lost River Boat Tours in Kentucky but the wait for a tour was 2 hours and by this time we were all tired and opted not to wait, we def. want to try to get back there when it's not a Holiday weekend.

We stopped at a fireworks store called "Nervous Charlies" where we grabbed the fun stuff and the kids had to have a fast pic with the ape in front of the store, I think at one time he was powered because there was an electrical cord coming out of his foot. If this guy could talk huh....

It was so nice to build lasting memories with our kids and to see family! Now it's time to catch up on the laundry and get back into the ole routine.

P.S. these pics were taken on my Husbands phone and I'm not sure how to turn the pics, I'll see if I can fix them later. I have also placed a new Summertime background and pic, I wanted to refresh my page for those of you that visit me.
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