Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Watcha Working on Wednesday

 This past Sunday we heard water leaking behind our shower in the wall so Richard went into Daughter's closet which is behind our shower to find a flooded mess and after tearing apart the wall we found the leak, after 2 trips to Lowes for the needed parts to fix it the shower is dryer but the closet is taking longer to air out.

Today we got the chance to run to Chillicothe with Richard since he had an interview, his contract is up and he is in the process of looking for a new job, please pray that he gets something fast. After dropping him off the kids and I ran to the park to feed the ducks, here are some cute pics...

This pic of our 3 kiddos is my fav.!

We are enjoying Richard having the extra time with us and we are busy with lots of day trips and trying to stay cool in this heat. I have started a new book by Mary Ellen Hughes called String of Lies.

What Summer reading have you been doing, have you discovered any one new?
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