Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Milestone Reached~ Lost First Tooth!!

Yesterday the lil guy lost his first tooth! He didn't even cry and proudly slipped it into his Tooth Fairy pillow, the Tooth Fairy brought him .50 cents, he asked if the Tooth Fairy brought

He is growing up so fast, our last one. He starts Kindergarten which will be every other day. He is all ready to ride the bus with his Sisters, I am not ready to let him go...

We have been busy at SUPERKIDS camp, first time for me helping out, Richard does the Tech end of it. The kids loves going and we touch so many lil hearts. If you get a chance check out the link and see what we are about.

I found my fav. magazine and am going to curl up with some tea and settle in with some eye candy, I love easy going evenings like this one.
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