Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Roosters and Sunflowers

Some Country French Updates in the kitchen are Happening...SMILES!!!!!

We have been busy here meshing 2 households into one since Mom returned with the rest of her stuff from OH this past week. Moving items and taking tons to our local Goodwill.  Slowly the house is getting that *Homey* feel to it but I tell ya it's slow going

We found this Cherry wood desk for Richard at a local used furniture store here and after some Pledge, she shines real nice! Now I'm not happy with the use of bar stools and those awful lamps but in due time we will find the right piece of furniture to hide his excess computers. 

We have been loving the pool here and since it's nasty in OH each weekend here feels like a vacation!!..It will be awhile before it sinks in that this is home

In the afternoons while it's *baking* outside we watch our fav. shows...don't remember what they were watching here but they were glued to their seats the whole

We spent so much on this Living Room set in OH..It fit perfect into our Farmhouse but here in FL..Not so Much..What do you think, keep it as is or cheap slip covers?  New furniture right now is NOT in our budget :(

Joining Kara  and  Kim

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