Friday, April 22, 2011

Pictures Hung on Stairs and a Few Easter Decorations

Good Friday!
This is the only Easter I have right now because most of my Holiday decorations are still in OH at the Farmhouse. Love how this table has come together, those books under our picture are from my Dad when he was in Elem. School. 
We are going to try a new Church here close to us on Sunday morning and then come home to a nice Ham dinner. I have set up 3 small Easter Baskets for the kids that they will find on the kitchen table when they wake up in the morning. Nice easy Easter Weekend!

Today after watching HGTV and acouple cups of coffee I hung these pictures on the stairs. I think the arrangement turned out cute, I hand-stitched "The Graves est. 1997" in the black frame last year.

Still lots to do but the pictures really make a statement when you enter via the front door.

Have a Very Happy Easter Weekend!

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