Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back to School Shopping

So School has started and let me tell you shopping for 3 kids is killer on the wallet!

We went to Payless while their store was BOGO and it still cost us $75.00...

middle girls choice..the toes light up and they look so cute!

little guy picked these Cars shoes and they also light cute when he runs!

oldest girl picked these..She is a size Women's 8 already!! Love these and I might have to get a pair myself!

I did some shopping for myself at CVS and bought the Revlon "Gray Suede" which is a very neutral color

Next we have to shop for some Fall clothes for oldest as she doesn't have to wear a uniform like the little ones.

So what Fav. brands of Nail Polish do you buy? Any great Fall colors out there?
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